Outlook for Business

Outlook for Business

With growing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other preventable health issues at an all time highs, and a sedentary lifestyle the norm, the fitness industry is going to do nothing but grow. The only limit is what you are able to put into it.

Group Fitness

The group fitness industry has taken a major turn in the past decade. From almost all free form to pre- choreographed classes that the instructors, as well as the clubs have to pay for. From the income standpoint, teaching group fitness may be a losing venture. Paying for DVDs, training, and putting in the time to learn, video, and be evaluated, make the dollars per hour not that attractive. It’s still a good way to potentially get clients.

  • Standardized classes Boot Camps
  • Step variations Traditional free form aerobics
  • Personal Training
  • Dance based
  • Kickboxing
  • Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Egoscue, etc. Body Systems (Pump, Attack, Flow, etc.)

Personal Training is in its infancy. The diversity between types of training and trainer creativity has only been scratched. The way in which training can be done is unlimited, from selectorized machines to total body free from movement; the diversity has allowed clients to fit into any number of programs

Media programs: P90x, Crossfit, Insanity, etc.

Popular today are media based programs where DVD’s or actual certifications are available. You are able to join affiliations and generate revenue from the sell of such programs. Great for name recognition, infomercials, and getting people motivated, but very limited in the long run. Each of these programs has a shelf-life. For example, have you been to a Tai-Bo class lately? While the program is hot, business is good. When the bottom falls out, your business may as well. Here is a situation that I have seen occur. You are the XYZ program instructor. When XYZ is popular, you naturally say that XYZ is the best program out. Once the program has run its course, and it is not longer popular, you are the old XYZ trainer. Some roads may have been burned in the process of your loyalty, and it may be harder to get another position. Instead of being the XYZ trainer, be the trainer that teaches XYZ.

Costs of Doing Business

*some facilities proved these

~Needed if you plan to open your own facility


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