I have known and worked with Mike Rickett for well over a decade now. He is thorough, dedicated, fun to be around, and operates from a very progressive loving heart inspired by the vast knowledge of fitness and wellness he has spent years accumulating and graciously implementing.

~Scott Cole World Renown Fitness Presenter, Author, and Celebrity

I have been in the fitness and personal training business since 1968. As trainer I have worked in many places around the world and met a multitude of fitness personalities. True fitness experts are difficult to find. Mike Rickett is more than a true expert he is an amazing instructor and mentor to all levels of fitness practitioners. Mike makes difficult issues and concepts manageable, understandable and useable for trainers at all junctures of their training profession. Mike is the consummate trainer, mentor, lecturer and knowledge base for this profession. From neophyte trainer to Medical professional Mike is sought out to be the man with answers to pressing and difficult issues requiring specific factual solutions, his data base is phenomenal with case studies to support all information he has provided on all occasions. It has been an honor and privilege to have worked with Mike in this profession.

~Ed Wright CPT USN RET

Through his engaging, motivating and often entertaining style, Mike Rickett exposed why my personal workouts have been less than effective. More importantly, he explained how to get better results in less time. Now, I’m reinvigorated and looking forward to my next workout. Thanks Mike!

~Lisa Raash

Mike is very knowledgeable and has non-traditional ways of explaining concepts. I really appreciate the change!

~Katie Meller (katiemeller@hotmail.com)

Mike’s Personal Trainer class was a great first step to getting my business started. The material learned was very applicable to my training and also made me change the way I train personally. Very motivational, knowledgeable, and hands-on approach really wants you to learn the material!

~NaJuan Davis

As an athlete and pro fighter I have a number os people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Mike’s class gave me the confidence to ensure the information I am getting is correct. Also as a teacher myself, Mike’s Personal Training Certification class empowers me to help build better programs for the people I train. Thanks!

~Pete Mongeau

My trainer was certified through Mike and she’s amazing. After having him certify me I see why! His knowledge, enthusiasm and will for you to succeed is amazing. I can’t wait to take another class from him!

~Kaleb Buckner

As a professional educator, I truly enjoyed this class! The delivery method was fantastic. Mike’s enthusiasm and knowledge was beyond measure. Not only did I learn quality information for my clients, but skills I can use to reach my fitness goals. He should actually charge more for the class. It was outstanding! Thanks Mike!

~Angela Stafford

He taught, he proved, he had people shocked that they never knew all the information he provided.

~Prentis VanDuvall

I had no expectations coming into this class other than an opportunity to receive my personal training certification. Mike is funny, passionate about helping others to attain their goals whether becoming a personal trainer or achieving an individual fitness goal. Definitely enlightening. Definitely got my mind going and excited to want to achieve my personal training goals. Also, it gave me the confidence that there are opportunities out there if you’re willing to work. I enjoyed the class very much. I would recommend this class for anyone that wants to become a personal trainer.

~Erica Nesmith


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