Healthcare, who should be responsible?


Healthcare, who should be responsible? Experts? I’m not sure who it was that said early screening and self examinations are not effective in detection of breast cancer. But they should be stopped! Try telling that to all the breast cancer survivors under fifty! This ridicules! If nothing else, it can give piece of mind that people can detect changes in their bodies that warrant concern. Now, ovarian cancer screening is at bay. I’m sure that prostate exams are not far behind (no pun intended) on the chopping block, not that I enjoy them, but they may save lives. Even if it is only fifteen percent, if you are part of that fifteen percent, it’s worth it.

I’m not in favor of government dictating policies that they don’t themselves have to follow. For example, their heath care program. If it is good enough for the people, it is good enough for those that represent them.

In fact, it shouldn’t be called a heath care program at all. It should be called a disease care program. I haven’t read about mandatory exercise, diet modification, and stress management. No money there! Besides, that would put responsibility back on the individual. How rude to think that we would have to take personal responsibility for our own health. In the end, if we don’t, no one will.

Let’s stop the prevention killing programs and encourage people to take charge of their health.

Stay Healthy,



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