SPARK Exercise and the Brain

brain fitnessLast Thursday I attended a lecture by the author of Spark, a professor at Harvard by the name of John Ratey.  The lecture and the book expressed what everyone has known, but now there is research to document the fact, that is, you study better with exercise.  Now isn’t that revolutionary?  He made a few really impact points.  First, aerobic, make that interval training seems to provide the most benefit.  Second, as you age strength becomes more important.  And, third, balance plays an increasingly important role as we age.  Pretty simple, move and test your body on a regular basis.

Take recess and PE out of the schools will you.  Let’s make our kids fat, lazy and stupid.   Dr. Ratey referred  to research at Mount Sinai showing brain scans of children documenting how students that were active had greater IQ’s and better brain function than those that weren’t!

Another key point that hit home was the evidence that indicated inactivity and early obesity has shown to produce lesions in the brain similar to Alzheimer’s.  Almost like a new type III diabetes.  We have learned to live with diabetes, but I don’t know about Alzheimer’s.  Makes you think, or not be able to.  Mind puzzles such as sodoko, or crosswords can excite neurons in the brain.

Exercising your body and your brain are important!   It’s best to eat vegetables instead of becoming one.



2 responses to “SPARK Exercise and the Brain

  1. Mike-

    Really important to remind everyone of this. Lot’s of talk about brain fitness these days but people often lose track of the fact that physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain. Here’s some more brain fitness tips for those who are interested.

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