Which Diet for Me? – Ornish

vegetables, fruit and grains - the Ornish program

vegetables, fruit and grains - the Ornish program

The low fat diet, made popular by Dr. Dean Ornish, a cardiologist, is the opposite of the Atkins diet.  His recommendation is to eat less that 10% of your calories from fat.  Or course, this limits the kinds of foods you can consume, and a lot of junk.  Simple sugars are foods that fit into this criterion, but it is a little easier to follow that the high Atkins diet.

Here is the program.  The following foods are acceptable any time:  Beans and legumes, fruits, grains, and vegetables.  Foods that should be eaten in moderation include, non-fat dairy, including egg whites, or non-fat commercially engineered foods like non-fat frozen dinners.  And, an even bigger list is of the foods you should avoid:  Oils of all kinds, meats of all kinds, nuts and seeds, whole dairy products, simple sugars, honey, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, and of course alcohol.

Fun diet!  Wrong!  Way to hard to follow!  Where do you get your protein sources?  Yes, it may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, but you don’t want to live!   Of course, exercise is part of this program, but with so little fat and protein, you don’t have the long term energy to complete events. 

Vegetarians sometimes fall into this diet.  Lack of fat, a problem with some vegetarians, can lead to unsuccessful uptake of fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, which contribute greatly to immune function.

My experience with this diet is that people usually eat too many poor food choices and over calorie themselves, while not getting adequate fat and protein to build and repair their bodies.

 Just another note, some people swear by this diet, while others at it.  Remember, if it works for you, it works.  Consult your physician before beginning this, as well as any diet program. 

 Eat up!



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